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Thanks for 100 followers!! Here’s some of my astrology art I’ve made (: my Etsy shop is currently in a hiatus but I wanted to shareพิธีเสกสมรสpart1/

A Helpful Breakdown Of Real-world [astrology] Methods

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6 Zodiac Signs Who Get Friendzoned The Most

I respect you too much!" Oh... So, I'm not sexy because you respect me so much. Yay. That's what the zodiac signs who get friend zoned are used to. And thanks to astrology, we can determine just who they are. Still, there's always someone who seems to get friend zoned more than they possibly deserve. It doesn't matter what you look like, as it's rarely about looks, but it is always about chemistry. When you're not feeling it for a friend that is feeling it big time for you, that's when there's either a problem, or someone calls "friend zone" in to draw boundaries and let you know who's who! Who are these unlucky sad sacks, who time and again find themselves being convinced by love interests that their friendship is SO MUCH more valuable than anything they could possibly offer in bed (much cheerful laughter ensues)? Let's see who the top zodiac signs who get friend zoned are.

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